Avoiding Lake Lewisville in the Texas Drought

lewisvilleI’ve been silent on my blog for almost a year for personal reasons, slaying a dragon, so to speak. I do feel like commenting on Lake Lewisville and just how bad of shape it is in. We decided to test the waters this past weekend and spent several hours at the lake just hanging out on the beach and doing minimal boating around. Well, wouldn’t you know it on the trip back to the dock, dead center in the the lake, in 30 feet of water, we hit the top of a tree. I am not sure why the Army Core of Engineers did not clear out the trees in the main part of the lake, all I know is that at 6pm on Sunday we were stranded with a spun out hub in my prop. What is a hub you ask? It is a piece of plastic that sits between the prop shaft and the prop, it is designed to give if you hit something. Well, while I would expect to hit something in 5-10 feet of water, I would not expect that in 30 feet at full throttle.  I feel lucky that nothing more happened, but I am angry that the lake is even open at this point. It is around 68 percent full and clearly is a death trap for the wrong boat. If you are thinking about visiting the lake, don’t. There are better choices until the drought passes and it refills.

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