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Dealing with Bad Granite Countertop Sub Contractors in Dallas

Isaac Villareal Granite Installer Dallas

Notice the plug cover under the faucet in the center.

As a Remodeling General Contractor I am constantly trying to side step unscrupulous contractors who do poor work and then won’t stand behind it. Today I would like to call out Isaac Villareal a Granite Installer here in Dallas. Isaac can’t follow directions and doesn’t speak enough English to do the job right. I contracted Isaac to do a large granite install involving a kitchen and a bathroom. First off I showed him the bridge style faucet my client wanted to use which has a hot and cold side, but no middle hole. While it is a small detail to drill 2 holes instead of three, he managed to screw that up. Luckily my client agreed to put a cap in the center hole and move on rather than what another week for a new slab to be cut.

A few days later we discovered a large 12″ x 12″ area on the bar that had been unnecessarily buffed with a grinder and the high gloss sheen had been diminished. I assumed Isaac would fix it. I was wrong. After stopping by a lazily two weeks later he said he was going to have to re-template the project and order more granite. Then poof, he disappeared and simply could not be reached. He would not answer a dozen phone calls I made to him, respond to voicemails or answer my text.

This is what I call a shitty contractor. I run a top notch business. I always fix my client’s issues and expect the same from my subs. If you can’t run your own business without screwing over your clients then you need to be out of business and instead flipping burgers at Mc Donalds.

To be fair, I screwed up. I made the mistake of trusting this moron, Isaac Villereal, to do a good job and paid him when the job was “done.” Little did I know he can’t keep his grinder off the polished surface of granite.


My new deck

While I enjoy being outside, my backyard has always been an issue for me. I had a patio back here with pavers for several years, but I really wanted to install a clean looking, simple deck. Last year after my Home Depot- purchased- giant -gazebo -tent collapsed under the weight of 12″ of snow, I decided to build a good sized overhang using corrugated steel roofing to provide a nice shaded area. All that was lacking was the deck.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like big decks. So, this year I decided it was finally time to build one. I ended up building a roughly 16’x16′ deck using pressure treated wood and stainless steel screws. There was a lot of screwing going on, more than 1000 screws and counting. I opted for screws over nails because I’ve seen those decks with the nails coming out after a few years in this ever increasing Texas heat. I knew my deck needed to last through the pending apocalypse so I screwed it down. It took a day and a half of screwing and likely two weeks of back recovery to get it done but the result has been worth it. The deck looks great and will look even better once I stain everything a redwood color. I also ran an electrical outlet and a water spigot with pex and sharkbite to the far end of the deck so I would have easy access to water and electric. Really all that is missing is a fridge and a john. I still have steps and a bench to build out, but the hardest part is done. Next step is to find some mosquito curtains, then I’ll have the perfect spot for a good card game.

Construction Help website

I own and maintain another site about construction. I started this site because I am in construction and have noticed just how difficult it is to get good information about construction products and techniques. You really have to look around and then some to find good information about products that are considered green. More interesting is the misconceptions that exist out there about what is and isn’t green. Anyway Please visit my other site if you are interested in those topics. I try to blog on that site often as I find things that are pertinent to that industry.