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Mexico Cenote Dive in the Yukatan

I just returned from Cancun and dusted off my NAUI c- card to go on a cave dive. We decided to use Aquaworld as our tour guide since we were staying at the JW Marriott and it was convenient. We initially wanted to do an open sea dive to the old WWII shipwreck in Cancun but couldn’t becuase the water was so rough from the strong winds. I was glad I did this dive. Cenotes are basically underwater caves that are mix of freshwater and saltwater. The fresh was the first 15 feet or so and then it became cloudy as the saltwater mixed with it, the saltwater was also much warmer. What made this dive so unique:

  • The caves are a dancing mix of light, shaded and dark areas. Its makes for some amazing contrast in beautiful blue water.
  • The caves themselves are an assortment of large boulders, stalactites, stalagmites, and other coral.
  • The water mixing is fascinating to look at 15′ under.
  • This cenote had an underwater room that you could come up into and breath, it was loaded with stalactites and was other worldly.

The only draw back was the water was in the low 70’s and a bit chilly. We were given wet suits to keep warm. They worked fine. There were 2 dives, the first was about 30 minutes and went down about 35′ and the second was around 20 minutes and not as deep. If you have never been on a cave dive then this is a great way to go. I was not at all claustrophobic since you could always see light and none of the spaces were very small. Well worth the $140 we spent. The trip took the entire day and lunch was supplied.