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Snow Basin, Gorgious Mountain, Cheap Owners

I just wrapped up trip number two to see my sister and her family in Utah this week. I had a great time seeing them and my son and I managed to ski a few days while we were there. I’m old school and he is all about the board and is finally getting comfortable using it on the blues. So the experience was great as far as the skiing goes, but I have to complain about the way the service is run. On our first day we decided to eat at the lodge, both ordering food and drinks and spending $32. There was no where to sit so we sat outside. I had iced tea, since I’m Texan, we drink it by the gallon. They serve their $2.00 drinks in small cups that are probably 20ozs. I assumed the Tea had free refills. I asked my son to get me a refill inside since he did not have hard to walk in ski boots on. He went in and came back empty handed, telling me that security had stopped him and said there snowbasin2009bwere no free refills. On what planet does a restaurant manager not offer free tea refills? I have been to the ugliest, seediest rat holes in town and spent under $5 and always gotten free refills.  So my response was not to eat at the lodge anymore while we skied. On the final day we did a half day of skiing. A full day cost around $65 while a half is $9 cheaper. Quite a discount for showing up at 12. I went to the ticket booth and tried to buy tickets but they would not sell them until 12:15 on the nose, so we waited and waited. When we got our tickets and went to get on the needle express to go to the top of the mountain, we were told we could not get on until 12:30 on the nose. So we waited ( mind you this on Monday and there was no one else on line) and waited and waited. Finally getting to board the gondola. I might understand them being sticklers if the half day ticket was half price, but that is not the case. So where do these short sighted morons running the mountain think treating people this way is a bright idea?  I believe rule number one is the customer is always right. My son and I have decided we will be going to powder mountain next time we head up to ski.