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Cutting the Cable (Company)

Hard to believe I canceled my cable almost 3 years ago. Sadly for them, I have not missed the $80 a month they charged me to have nothing on worth watching on their shitty basic cable. So, I am saving a grand a year and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. But, don’t think I haven’t watched TV or TV shows this year. Oddly, I may be watching more, the big difference is I do it all on line via Amazon and an antenna on my roof.
I bought and installed an $80 antenna when I killed off cable, not long after all the channels went digital. The truly interesting thing is now that all the channels have sub channels there are around 20 channels free on the air of which a dozen actually have good programming. KERA has 2 good channels, NBC has 2 and WB33 has 2. Usually the second channel is older stuff, but I do enjoy old shows on occasion ( Threes Company anyone?). And honestly, almost everything I watch these days is on the big 4 broadcast channels. Sure I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but if I really want to follow a show, like Dexter, I can buy it for $2-3 an episode at Amazon. I then own the whole season for 40-50 bucks and watch it any time I want and I am still way ahead of the crap I payed for with the cable crooks.

How did I end up with Amazon On Demand? I have an Amazon Prime membership which I bought that cost $79 a year. I bought it so I could get free 2 day shipping when I realized I was ordering from Amazon almost weekly. It seemed like a no brainer. I then discovered they have a great library of movies just like Netflix and all of the lastest releases that you can rent. The real treat is they include all of these shows at no additional cost with your prime membership.  The only problem I had was that I could only watch these movies on my PC. I started looking at Blu-ray players and Sony has a great one. Its Blu-Ray models  load DVDs fast as hades and all have a built in user interface that links up to all the services that I like as long as you have a decent internet connection. So I can get Pandora, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and a dozen other options, that seem to grow every day. Oddly I rarely go out anymore to rent DVD’s. Of course, even if I wanted to, there are no more blockbusters within 15 minutes of me, but there are always redboxes, until they become dinosaurs.

So I now watch what I want, on demand, and usually free. It really is a genius concept.  Now, when am I going to be able to have my vacations and excercise come to me. Then I can turn into a vampire sloth and fear the light and garlic.