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Animal Style at In and Out Burger, Dallas

4 lanes waiting to go through the drive through, notice the lince under the canopies waiting to go inside.


My son and I went to Guitar Center to get my son a new acoustic 12 string guitar today and decided afterwards we would hit In and Out Burger, since it is next door practically. The wait was about 25 minutes and the place is a zoo. Once you actually get off the police directed service road at IH75 and into In and Out’s parking lot you are shuttled into a 4 lane wide waiting area where they take your order and then release each lane to move to the regular drive through when they are ready. It was a lot of waiting for a burger, but not terrible.
My opinion, the burger is quite good. We both ordered a double double, animal style, and an order of fries. I put the burgers up there with Burger House’s burgers, the fries on the other hand were terrible. My son and I both thought they were dry and crunching. It may be because of the massive volume they had to deal with that quality suffered, I don’t know. Would I go through the wait again?  Not unless I was right next door. I’m going to venture a guess that the mob of cars and people you see in the pic below will fade in a few more weeks, this ain’t Bob’s Chophouse, after all.