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Why I love my Amex Gold Card

I have a gold Amex card and I am not a big fan of the $150 annual fee, I feel like I golddon’t get enough from the card versus what I pay to possess it. Of course, it is a step down from the platinum I had in ’07 and ’08 til the economy made me rethink every nickel I spent as a small business owner and I had to dump 6 employees and my warehouse to survive the tsunami that is our current economy.

Fast forward to 2012, I knew I needed a new vehicle and I had to decide between a car and a truck. Oh, how I wanted a GMC pick up ( it would have been my third in 20 years), I can’t begin to tell you how those commercials pulled at my strings to make me want sugar coated, prettily colored rice with yummy marshmallows in a bowl of succulent milk. I kept looking at those pickups like a cactus looks at chapstick, I simply had to have one.

But, at the end of the day, I decided a really fun car would offset my disappointment

cactuswith not getting a new truck. So I got an Infinti instead, the absolute opposite of a GMC Sierra( why can’t American car companies make a good premium car anymore?). GM would be disappointed of course, and the cacti would not get Chapstick to slaver all over themselves, but at the end of the day I realized, why would I want to buy a new truck so I can trash it up with my construction business? I store all my tools in the back seat. I jump in my truck frequently with a screw driver in my back pocket and end up slicing a hole in the seat.  My current truck smells like fries, ass, and foot. This is the ideal smellesborg if  you are single and ever have to put a date inside the cab .

Did I mention the Spring hail this prior year pounded my area beyond recognition and totaled out the truck (along with everything around me) and really added a touch of “white trash” to my previously blemished work vehicle? Well, since the hail my truck looks like the ugly cousin of Fester. Which is fine with me, as long as it runs. Unfortunately for me that has changed recently.

Seven months ago I swapped out the old fuel pump for a new one. The truck has run great until this past month. Twice I have driven to a habitat job site only to end up stuck there cranking the engine while it mockingly refuses to turn over. Quite a pain in my ass to say the least. Twice I have had to have the truck towed home. If you are wondering why I didn’t fix the truck after the first tow see this post. This is where my Amex comes into play. I found out that I get 4 tows a year at $25 each. That’s a hell of a nice bonus from the card, which has already paid for itself this past month and definitely makes it my favorite card for sure. So, if you own an older vehicle a gold card is a great way to cover your rear if you ever get stuck anywhere.