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Ice and Global Warming

I was at the FOE Eagle Yesterday and got into a heated conversation with a guy about the bogusness of global warming. I have had this conversation three times in the past month. My republican friends are wearing blinders and love to spew “factual” data about how global warming is not happening and the earth is just going through a phase that is perfectly normal. They seem to all get their data from Rush because I keep hearing the same bullshit. Yesterday I heard that while the Northern hemisphere is losing ice, the Antartic is gaining some. I thought that was not accurate so I decided to dig. According to NASA, which tracks this stuff with a satellite, the Antartic has lost .68 meters of ice thickness over 4 years. More significantly the older ice that usually does not melt has dropped 42% over the same 4 years. Between Greenland and the Antartic 77% of the Earth’s fresh water are frozen around them. If they continue to melt at this rate we will have some sigmnificant problems in the next 50 years. So either I can’t read or someone tried to snow job me with BS. What I don’t understand is why everyone thinks this is a party line issue. If I’m wrong then nothing happens and I eat crow, which is fine. But if I’m right then we are in for some major problems, and everyone eats well done crow.