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Google Voice Steps up to the plate

I’ve been jacking around with Google Voice for over a year and had tossed it to the curb becuase I couldn’t port my existing phone number over to it. I love, love, love the features it offers but I hate, hate, hate the idea of ever getting another phone number. This number is going to my grave with me, I may need to order pizza there.  Sprint, in an effort to stay relevant obviously, and not become some sort of sticky gum on AT&Ts mammoth, mangled foot, has decided to kiss Google’s ass and push all their chips in with the big G. Well, since I despise AT&T and went back to Sprint I recently discovered I can port my Sprint number to Google Voice.  As MC Hammer would say,” can’t touch this,’ or some shit like that. So I am all in with Google Voice and loving it. Now if your not a prop head like me and are asking yourself ” what the heck is he talking about?” Let me give you an idea of what Google Voice is all about.

Imagine a world of Rainbows and candy with no calories and funny grape men to bring them to me… Its nothing like that but what does do is really cool. My ” phone” which is a generic term for how I make calls ( the how is no longer relevant with GV) is all neatly organized in an email inbox  online. So when I get calls they appear with a transcript of the message left for me if I don’t answer. More to the point I can tell Google when, how and where to contact me for my phone calls. So if I want a call from my sister at my brothers house I can tell it to send it to his phone. She would still call me as always. I can also customize my outbound voicemail for everyone I know. This is really entertaining since most people calling me don’t understand why I would leave weird outbound messages with their name in it.

Just to give you an idea of how cool this product is here are 10 kick ass features in no particular order:

  • texting anyone’s phone from my laptop and getting it back on my laptop and my phone, no more cramped keyboards when I at the computer
  • block or send anyone  to voicemail and it could be a custom one at that
  • have it ring multiple phone numbers when I receive a call just in case I cant miss that call
  • easy to use email looking inbox with all my messages
  • Dirt cheap calls over Google’s network such as 2 cents to call the Netherlands
  • If I had limited minutes on my mobile phone I could have Google call me to place my calls to people thus saving me the call charge
  • its FREE!!!!
  • It transcribes your voicemail into text
  • it can send your voicemail transcripts to your text messaging or your email
  • you can call from your mobile, another phone or your PC
  • you can add a call me button on any of your websites… you’ll see mine on the right

Frankly it is where all the phone carriers should be at this point. Sadly, it takes G to show them what can be done, if they would just sprinkle a little dash of internet into your phone services. I do find it very interesting that Sprint is doing this right out of the hopper even though it could cut into their revenue, they must think they will pick up more customers. Makes me wonder if G might make a play for them, but that would create some friction with other carriers offering Android, of course the other two are both pushing Apple.

Now, if my washing machine would just move my clothes into the dryer for me I’d be on easy street.