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The social problem for Facebook vs. Google

The clock is ticking…and time is running out for Facebook. I have been on Google+ for a week and I have noticed one huge difference, google+ is much more social. While none of my Facebook friends are on Google+ I have already joined several circles of other people that interest me and have been added to several other peoples circles so they can follow me. What this means is that as a user, when you share something on your wall you choose who can and can’t see it. Google+ has several default choices such as friends, family, acquaintances….I added business to mine. I can now very selectively choose who I want to see which images, what post and anything else I desire. That is a very powerful tool and a great way to control your intended audience.

But the really cool part is people on Google+ understand this and are a lot more open as a result. There is no send a friend request which may or may not be authorized by the other party. You simply follow that person and if they opt to include you in their post they will. Its very simple and elegant.

I also love the google+ droid app. It is so much cleaner and easier to use than Facebook’s which I got so sick of messing with I removed it last year. It drove me crazy that it hijacked my calender and added everyone’s birthday that I was friends with on facebook. What is that all about? I also like the image upload feature which auto uploads my images for me and ques them for me to approve for viewing on Google+ or delete. Very cool.

Google+ first thoughts

So I have had about 24 hours to look through Google+ and obviously compare it with Facebook. The layout is similar to Facebook’s, which is good, I don’t want a learning curve here. I see some really nice advantages over facebook:

  • one login since I use Gmail constantly already everyday
  • Circles, a great way to filter who sees what on your page, by assigning people up front into groups of friends, acquaintances… something Facebook dropped the ball on big time
  • the work toolbar, I’m already using this for calender and docs so for me it is nice to have it in place and ready
  • auto loaded my Google public profile ( if you don’t have one of these you should) which brought in all my info so I didn’t have to retype the who’s and what’s of me-dom
  • integrates with Google’s Picassa. I have not been a big user of it but this gives me a chance

I think the real reason Google rolled this out is to get people on their properties more and to get people using their cloud ( word processor, spreadsheet, calender….). At the end of the day they need to sell adverts to make money and this will do that with more eyeballs spending more time on their site. Unlike Google wave, I think this will survive and do well. For a first attempt I think they did well. I’ll have to update as I become more involved.