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Changing the broken LCD on a Jenn-air WW30430P oven

I recently decided to repair the broken LCD screen on my girlfriends Jenn-Air

Original Logic Clock board was white

double built in wall oven.

After doing some research on line I decided it was an easy repair and shouldn’t take too long. First, of course, I had to order the part. I found the part number 71001872 at Amazon in stock and got it quickly. The repair is a no brainer. There are 3 screws on the bottom of the face that are visible with the top oven door open. Once they are removed the face must slide up 6″ to come off the guides that hold it in place. When you remove it you will notice 2 sets of cables on the back that fasten into the clock logic board.

Notice 2 cables coming from oven going to logic board

They simply pull off then you can set the face down on a table with a towel under it. Once you have it set down, make sure you remove the ribbon cable that powers the buttons in front. To do this look closely at the side edges of the ribbon cable adapter and you will notice to small notched brackets coming up and pointing outwards. Using your fingernails simply pull these up and the ribbon cable will release. Then, there are 4- 1/4″ SAE sheet metal screws holding the clock logic board in place.

Notice small brackets on the ribbon cable fastener. These lift up to release the ribbon cable.

Using a ratchet or similar tool unscrew the 4 screws. Re-installation is the opposite. Total time for me was 15 minutes. Money saved from hiring a pro at least $200.

Range electronic control 71001872 is used on Maytag, Amana, Admiral, Norge, Crosley, Estate, Jenn Air, Magic Chef, and some Sears, Kenmore ranges

Replaces 71001872R, AP4090010, 695197,

PS2077427, PT12263997

Here are a few of the models that use range electronic control 71001872,

ACB6260AB, ACB6260AS, ACB6260AW, ACB6280AS, MEW6627BAB, MEW6627BAC,?

MEW6627BAQ, MEW6627BAS, MEW6627BAW, MEW6627CAS, MEW6630BAB, MEW6630BAC,? MEW6630BAQ, MEW6630BAS, MEW6630BAW, MEW6630CAS, WW27430B, WW27430BC,? WW27430P, WW27430PF, WW27430PG, WW27430PK, WW27430PR, WW27430PU,? WW27430W, WW27430WC, WW30430B, WW30430P, WW30430PC, WW30430PF,? WW30430PG, WW30430PK, WW30430PR,

Remove the ribbon cable by lifting the small corner brackets with? your finger nails, then remove the 4 sheet metal screws.

WW30430PU, WW30430W