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SEOopen Toolbar plugin for Firefox 9.x updated

SEOopen Toolbar has always been my favorite toolbar for Firefox. It simple, effective and doesn’t have a bunch of adware built into it. But, the owner quit supporting it a few years ago. I have hacked my way through it every time I have had to update Firefox to a new version. As more things change online I keep having to update it. Recently Yahoo did away with its backlink tool which has been killing me as I search for an alternative tool. I finally found a new search engine and decided to add it to SEOopen under the same spot as Yahoo for backlink checking. I’m afraid Yahoo is officially dead for me. The only thing they did really well was support webmasters and SEO types. Sad for them.

Anyway, I thought I would offer this updated plugin to anyone interested. Here is it. Just click on the file in Firefox to get it working, you may have to reboot. I have it set up to work until version 9 of Firefox. It is a .xpi file so it should slide right into firefox. IF you want to download the file and look at it you will need ti unzip the package.

Two big changes:

Fixed the Pagerank checker tool to go to a site that works

Changed the backlink checker tool to go to blekko.