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Trip to Snow Basin In Utah

I just returned from my first ski trip in a dozen years. My how things have changed. The mountain was wired with 3g service everywhere. I managed to take pics and post them on facebook while being stuck in a gondola for 10 minutes. Now that is cool.img_0247

Skis have also changed. I was informed that my old size of 210 or so was now more like 170. Apparently the skis are fatter at the edges so they can be shorter. I rented normal two days and expert one. I noticed quite a difference with the expert skis, they were a lot faster. I am debating whether or not to by my own skis. At $30 a day it seems like a good investment and would only take a few years to pay for itself if I ski every year. But there is a hick up. American Airlines wants $15 each way for each bag. That is a full day of rentals and means it would take a couple of years longer just to break even.  So unless I stumble across a deal I can’t pass up I doubt I’ll bother. It is just easier to rent, and I’m no expert.

Snow Basin was spectacular. I have been to several resorts in Colorado and even Park City and SB was incredible. Since the Olympics was held there, they completely upgraded everything including new lodges at the base and the top of the mountain. The runs were very well groomed and it was only a little icy. If you go over to the runs on the left side the they are in even better shape since the traffic is lower.  Driving there from my sister’s in Ogden was a treat img_0244everyday going between the mountains and by the dam.  I highly recommend this resort if you are in Utah.