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Yoga Clothing for Men

I do a lot of Yoga, pretty much everyday, sometimes twice a day. And one thing I have noticed is that there really is not a good line of men’s yoga clothing out there. I suppose part of the problem is men generally don’t care what we wear. I do it enough that I have decided that I like to wear nike pro sleeveless tops, underarmour underwear and any pair of drawstring athletic shorts made from anything other than cotton. Cotton is the enemy in my eyes.
As a guy I give yoga a hard work over, my studio runs its thermostat in the mid 80’s, which is warm but not imposing. I sweat, a lot, and there is nothing more distracting than soaking wet clothes that don’t breathe and are heavy with sweat after an hour. I don’t know how other guys in my class wear standard t shirts which get sweaty and then hang in your face during down dog, not to mention end up wrapped around your neck like a scarf. Nothing cool about that. That is why I wear my clothes. My top is tight and stays put, my shorts are loose and don’t constrict ( I don’t see myself wearing the banana package tight pants anytime soon) and most importantly neither get sopping wet.

But there is a catch. While these do the job, my practice has advanced to a point where I am doing a lot of positions where my legs are inexplicably jammed on the back of my arms and I am hovering over the ground ( i.e. running man, crow, swan…) This results in sweaty skin on sweaty skin contact, which is great with the right woman, but not at all what I am looking for in yoga. The results are predictable, my legs slip and slide all over my arms, like butter in a frying pan,  as I battle in vain to hold them steady. So I am back to looking for the ultimate solution again for pants that minimize this issue.

And thus my dilemma, everything out there looks like pajama bottoms and are made out of organic cotton or hemp. Not only that, they all want $60- $80 for the pajama pants. I know women are used to spending ridiculous amounts of money on yoga clothes but we men think that is ridiculous. So the hunt is on for a $30- $40 pair of pants that do what I need and look cool, but don’t grab me like a TAA airport body search gone bad.