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Lululemon Men’s Court Pants Review

I already own a pair of Prana and 2 pairs of Be Present yoga pants so I thought I would try lululemons since all the women in my studio rave about them. At a $100 they are pricey, but I am impressed with the elasticity of the fabric. They fit me snugly around the crotch and thighs, but I’m not a thin build and since they stretch it is a comfortable fit, surprisingly. The attention to detail, I think, is what separates these from the other 2 manufactures that I own. They have an elastic band at the waste that is stretchy fabric, rather than a material with elastic sown through it. They also have a continuous elastic drawstring with no ends so you don’t have to worry about the washing machine pulling it out during the spin cycle.

On the minus side I wish they did not have front pockets, they simply pooch out a bit and aren’t flattering. They were also long when I bought them but the store took them up for free. Problem is they are still long.

Of course the ultimate test is how they perform in the studio, which I am quite pleased with. Since they are very elastic they flex without problem, even in Utthan Pristhasana (lizard). They also do a nice job of breathing and letting me sweat since I leave a pool everyday. Definitely worth the money if you plan on wearing them often.

Prana Mens Yoga Sutra Pants

It took a lot of digging and research to decide on what pair of mens yoga pants I wanted to buy. I decided on Prana Sutra pants. They cost about $70 at Amazon and are made from hemp, PET and Lycra. I am a size 36 and had read somewhere that they shrink so I got the XL. Small mistake. The XL are more like size 38 and look a little ridiculous on me. I am going to have to have them tailored in a couple of inches to fit right. But since they tie up I was able to wear them to yoga 4 times in the past week.

The first thing I noticed is that they don’t constrict my movements. I do some deep warriors and running mans and expected to have to adjust these pants every 2 seconds. The only time I had to adjust them was while we were doing a low resting lunge. The pants do breathe and I sweat through them completely everytime I wear them. But I don’t get hot in them or itchy. The most important piece for me is in my arm exercises like bakasana ( crow pose) or running man. I usually have to stop my flow and dry off my arms and legs then place 2 small tows on my knees to try to get some friction. With these pants that is no longer a problem. I just go into the pose and I’m done. In our level 2/3 class we jump from Adho Mukha Svanasana ( down dog) to Bakasana ( crow) 3 times. This is impossible to do with sweaty arms but a breeze with pants on.
I highly recommend these pants, just make sure they fit right.