Manduka vs. Jade Mat one year later ( updated)

Owning both of these mats and getting questions about them all the time I thought I would update where I am today with these mats in reference to my post last year. I now practice at 2 locations that my studio has here in Dallas and I have the Manduka Mat at one studio and the Jade at the other. The Manduka is, in my opinion, the best mat on the market. I have constantly used it for the better part of a year and it has held up flawlessly. It is a heavier more ” industrial mat” that I think is ideal for a really serious yoga practitioner. It has held its shape, has not blistered and does a very nice job of not absorbing the massive amounts of sweat I drench it with on a regular basis. I have only bothered to wipe it down with vinegar one time to remove a little stickiness. For me it is the best mat on the market. Do be aware it is not a soft giving mat. Part of its durability is the hard surface it has.
The Jade on the the other hand has really not held up terribly well. I demoted this mat to back up mat until February when my studio opened up a second location. I then started using it there. While the bizarre stretching seems to have disappeared the mat is now blistering on one side. I can only assume the stretching was sweat related and giving the mat 8 months of hiatus was enough to dry it back out.
I am planning on swapping out the mat soon and purchasing another Manduka PRO Yoga Mat


Update as of 12/2016. Hard to believe it has been 5 years, and I still have this mat and it is going strong. Well worth the money. I am sure by now I would have purchased several cheap $20 mats otherwise. 

2 comments for “Manduka vs. Jade Mat one year later ( updated)

  1. pix
    March 12, 2011 at 10:10 pm


    Which mat provides more grip when sweating?


  2. montytx
    March 22, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    The Manduka without question. I use a yogitoes on top of it due to the amount of sweat I generate.